The Brief:

Our customers were asking us to find new ways of making the Spray Paint Wall customised to their event!

The Solution

Spray Paint Wall has an update to our digital graffiti wall software that is insane – we now offer green screen technology!

This allows your guests to have their picture taken in front of the screen. The image then gets uploaded to the digital graffiti wall, and the guest can select from a variety of images for their background.

Imagine seeing yourself outside the Eiffel Tower then tagging yourself! Or how about taking a Banksy wall and adding your own twist with you appearing in it!!!


Our new software even adds drips of paint as you spray – you need to see it!


The Result

Now we really need to get back to actually doing some work instead of playing on the digital graffiti wall. If Podda puts another set of glasses on my face, well, I’ll leave that to your imagination…

Actually maybe I’ll just send him to Alcatraz on the digital graffiti wall…


Digital Graffiti Green Screen