Digital Graffiti Wall Hire

Spray Paint Wall is a fully interactive digital graffiti experience which you can hire for your activation, event or party.
Using state-of-the-art technology guests replicate the urban graffiti experience without any mess or toxic fumes.

Why Rent a Digital Graffiti Wall?

Spray Paint Wall is the must-have event experience. Everyone from vendors to brands, and party planners to event organisers are hiring us to recreate authentic graffiti on a big screen. Our team take real aerosols, remove the paint, and add the tech!

The result is the graffiti experience – digitalised.

We can personalise your rental experience with themed colours, logos and messages! And during your hire we can even load backgrounds of photos taken only a few seconds earlier at your party, wedding, christening, product launch, or graduation.

Artwork created on the wall can be instantly printed or we can upload directly onto Facebook or sent to any email account.

For brand activations, children’s parties and Bar Mitzvah’s printing to T-shirts, mugs, caps and more is hugely popular!

Get Creative with the Spray Paint Wall Hire

Used at Glastonbury, Dubai Trade Shows, private parties and conferences, Spray Paint Wall has become the event rental experience of choice.

Everyone wants one to hire a digital graffiti wall for their event and countless event planners are using us to engage customers all over the world.

Why is Spray Paint Wall so appealing?

  • Graffiti, like most art forms focuses and relaxes us
  • When we draw, we tell a story… and we love telling stories
  • Each design on the wall can be saved, uploaded to social media and emailed
  • Every creation during your hire can be used to create mementos such as photos, T-shirts or bags.

Spray Paint Wall special effects give your work the look and feel of real graffiti – So let loose your inner Banksy and get creating!

 Important Information for Digital Graffiti Hire:

What’s included in your Digital Graffiti Wall Hire
  • Fully Trained Spray Paint Wall Operator
  • Sharing to Facebook, Twitter and Email – Subject to WIFI (or 3g/4g Connectivity where this option is taken)
  • USB stick of the event images at the end of the event
  • A guestbook of all the images (ask about our ‘before and after’ format)
  • Your brand or personalised message on the screen
  • Personalised Print Surround

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